The Total Life Cleanse


Cleansing and detoxification has always been one of the foundational cornerstones of Ayurvedic health therapies.  It is recommended to do a cleanse at least twice a year, preferably in the fall and the spring, under the guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic health practitioner.  We have four unique cleanses each year, based on seasonal principles of Ayurveda.

Healing Essence Center’s Total Life Cleanse offers a variety of programs to fit your personal needs, to create balance, vitality and wellbeing on every level.  Taking your health into your own hands is an empowering and exciting process.

Distance Cleanses via conference call are now available. Cleanse from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are Distance cleanses have been very successful.  People all over the country are now experiencing the life changing benefits of the Healing Essence Total Life Cleanse.

Total Life Cleanse Overview

TLC integrates the latest breakthroughs in nutrition, mind-body medicine, and the neuro-sciences with the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

The Total Life Cleanse creates a nurturing retreat and haven in the midst of life’s stresses and responsibilities. Combining individualized attention and group support to enhance participants’ success, the program provides the following:

  • Thirty seven hours of class time for the nine-week TLC, thirteen (offsite) to sixteen  hours for the twenty-one-day TLC, 10 hours for the TLC 12 Day. Distance cleanses vary in time, based on type of cleanse.
  • Course manual
  • Handouts
  • Personal health examinations
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Initial supply of key supplements
  • Cooking instruction
  • Online support forum

Total Life Cleanse Mission

Our intention in offering the Total Life Cleanse is to…

  • Promote healing and awareness on the deepest levels of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Provide a remedy for today’s stressed, starved, and poisoned lifestyle.
  • Advance a new paradigm in cleansing that facilitates the detoxification and rejuvenation of the body, mind, spirit—and the planet.
  • Create a safe, effective, and transformative experience that helps participants cleanse their bodies, minds, and the environment in which they live.
  • Rejuvenate the body to a state of health and restore vitality.
  • Give participants the tools to transform their lives, reconnect to their spirits, and fulfill their dreams.
  • Raise the community’s consciousness about the interconnectedness of nature and the individual person.
  • Empower TLC participants to make fundamental ongoing lifestyle changes that will elevate their health and well-being for the rest of their lives and make the world a better place.
  • Contribute to public education on the interactions among stress, nutritional depletion, and toxins and their compounded effect on our everyday health and well-being.
  • Cut through the rhetoric and demystify confusing information (about health) to maximize health, freedom, personal options, and the appreciation of life.

Why is cleansing necessary?

Up until the turn of the 20th Century, cleansing was an integral part of all natural healthcare systems throughout the world. Only recently, with the over-dependence on allopathic medicine and the denial of our deeper instincts, has cleansing become seen as unconventional, strange, or just plain unnecessary.

Even in today’s culture few of us think it strange to do a spring cleaning for our homes, cars, or offices. We also think it unclean and socially unacceptable to not maintain a clean body. These are all forms of cleansing. However, owing to our obsession with externals, we have forgotten about the cleansing and healing of our inner environment: our organs, our blood, our brains, our minds, our emotional bodies, and, finally, our spirits. As children most of us were not taught how to do an internal cleanse. Most of us didn’t even know such a thing existed. Today, most of us are looking for a way to recapture our health in body, mind, and spirit.

While cleansing is an ancient practice, it has never been more essential than today to cleanse and maintain a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being. Physically we are being challenged in ways that we have never been before on this planet. The soil is depleted of minerals and filled with heavy metals and pesticides; the air is filled with carbon monoxide, lead, and other toxins; the water is purified and nutritionally enhanced with chlorine and fluoride, both carcinogens; and our food is processed, bleached, preserved, poisoned by pesticides, and Genetically Modified, also known to be carcinogenic. Mentally, our culture lives in a state of chronic stress, and depression is on the rise as never before. The fast pace of our modern lifestyle, the demands and expectations of our jobs and relationships, and our disconnection from nature, ourselves, and from spirituality have caused a kind of stressful anxiety, a burden on the nervous system, that depletes us to the core of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

In short, we are all stressed, starved, and poisoned, and these states interact to compound their negative effects. If we are starved—nutritionally depleted—we lack the nutrients we need to manage our stress and anxiety. We will also become more vulnerable to the toxins and poisons in our environment, food, water, and news media. If we are stressed, we will burn up our nutrients much more quickly, especially those that manage our stress, anxiety, and our sense of well-being. Fewer nutrients again means vulnerability to toxins and a whole host of other acute, chronic, and life-threatening illnesses. Lastly, if we are poisoned, the body is called to function under extremely difficult circumstances. Poisons such as heavy metals and pesticides can reduce the absorption of nutrients and cause cellular and neurological damage. This condition again leads to starved tissues and a stressed and weakened nervous system. As you can see, if you are to some degree stressed, starved, or poisoned, then you must be to the same degree all three.

Is there a solution? Of course. The HEALING ESSENCE TOTAL LIFE CLEANSE.

Why Cleanse through the Total Life Cleanse?

Why is the CLEANSE so unique? When we say TOTAL LIFE CLEANSE, we don’t just mean the whole physical body with all its organ systems, which of course it includes. We mean the whole physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. We feel the only way to really have long-lasting benefits is to make fundamental changes in our habits related to what we eat, to how we eat, to our total lifestyle, and to our consciousness. TLC effectively incorporates ancient wisdom, practical exercises, meditation, right diet, and individualized lifestyle changes into our nine week seminar.

Why is it so long? Aren’t most cleanses only 3 days or so?

Many cleanses are effective at cleansing the tissues of the body; however, these short cleanses are often very depleting. They are not rejuvenating, and are not long enough for people to make long term lifestyle changes. Twenty One days is just enough time for people to cleanse and then incorporate long-term dietary and lifestyle changes into their daily lives.  With the knowledge and experience offered even in the 12 day cleanse, many make long term and lasting changes.

The effectiveness of group support throughout the cleanse cannot be overestimated. TLC offers group support on a weekly (in person) and daily (online) basis. Whenever we endeavor to make real changes in our life, one of the greatest obstacles is the lack of support from our culture and from friends and family around us. The group support creates a safe place to try new things, witness the success of others, and reveal our challenges. It creates a sense of community so that we don’t feel alone while going through such a transformative experience. We find the group itself supports the success of everyone in it. In any endeavor for personal growth, right association has always been considered the most important factor. TLC group support can offer this essential ingredient.

Who should do the Total Life Cleanse?

Anyone who…

  • Wants to improve their mental, emotional, or physical health
  • Is looking for sincere and exceptional support in making dietary and life style changes
  • Feels stressed, starved, or poisoned by their current lifestyle
  • Just wants to feel great
  • Wants to open their doors of perception
  • Wants to connect with nature and the body in an entirely new way
  • Is confused about their health or alienated from their bodies
  • Wants to learn how to take care of and nourish himself or herself
  • Wants to change their thinking
  • Wants to take the care of their health in their own hands
  • Has experienced the profound benefits of cleansing in the past and wants to do so again
  • Wants to cleanse, change, or heal but is scared to take the first steps
  • Wants to deeply expand their understanding of life
  • Who is sick
  • Has chronic ailments
  • Has pain
  • Wants to lose weight
  • With digestive disorders

Lives on our toxic planet in the 21st Century and wants to protect themselves and/or their loved ones from environmental toxins

Wants to experience more joy, energy, and clarity in everyday life
In short, ANYONE and EVERYONE!

In previous Cleanses, participants who have enjoyed success in alleviating or eliminating health issues include those with digestive disorders, addictions, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, headaches, multiple chemical sensitivities, obesity, auto-immune disorders, skin conditions, brain fog, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia.

What past participants have said...

“Before the Total Life Cleanse my blood pressure was 130 /94; now I am at 112 / 74.!! Thank you for the gift of this awesome program.”  –MW, Construction Supervisor

“The Total Life Cleanse is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

“Since taking TLC my cholesterol dropped from a 227 to 198, and my LDL dropped from 140 to 129. If this wasn’t enough, my chronic eczema cleared up and has not recurred in over a year.”

“Thank you for such a gentle and supportive way to take back control of my life in these stressful times.”

“I shared cleanse information with my 81-year-old mother whose physician had tried everything for her constipation. She’s doing so well now she says can work an entire day without a nap and her bowels are as regular as clockwork.”

“This cleanse has reached me at my core.”

“I am calmer, weigh less, my skin is clearer, my digestion is much improved, and I have a better outlook on life since taking the TLC.”

“I was amazed at the depth and breadth of the information provided.”  –M.T., Biologist

“Alcohol and sugar have totally lost their appeal to me since taking the cleanse. I am calmer and less distressed about food in general. ”

“Your program taught me the skills to care for myself in a world of confusing messages.”  –K.J., Artist

“The cleanse has changed my relationship to food in a way I never thought was possible.”  –S.M., Corporate Executive

“After taking this course I am excited about life again.”  –J.M. Real Estate Broker

Upcoming Cleanses

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